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Why You Should Avoid Suicide and Read this Blog Post

I am going to tell you why you should avoid the suicide, something none of your friends know you have thought about, but first I must completely humble myself today and share what I found in the disgustingness of my sink.   I’m not sure if any of the rest of you have an issue with this, but whoever owned our house prior (yes, I will blame them for the current grossness) did not properly caulk the sink.  This means that sometimes, stuff builds up.  Gross, black, crumbly stuff.   Because my counter is made to look like pretty...

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Winter is Always Coming

Much to my children’s chagrin, we have been taking countless walks lately. Yesterday, we stepped outside our garage and were greeted by a host of tulips finally opening their orange, yellow, and red blooms.  They all opened in one day. The day before everything was closed and colorless and the rains pelted down.  It ruined evenings, drenching the ground, and many unprepared bodies. Then, just as we were cursing the weather for taking such a tumultuous turn, spring took center stage and we realized that the old adage sometimes holds true: April showers bring May flowers. The last couple...

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Finding Beauty in Grief

I can’t write about anything else until I write about something that I don’t think is mine to write about.  It is someone else’s story, many others’ stories, actually, and yet it has found an uncomfortable home inside of my thoughts and it will reside there, clogging up every other feeling until I let it go into the world of letters, which will possibly make it into words, which hopefully will string into a sentence, which will maybe make some sort of semblance of explanation. I imagine death as a line between here and there.  “There” may be something to some, and to others it is nothing. ...

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