Month: May 2017

How Disease Makes Us Weird and Beautiful

Tallulah is our four-year-old and if any of my children are going to use their hands to create, it will be her. I still draw stick figures, so, when she draws an eye with a pupil, iris, outer lid and eyelashes, I choke on my soup.  It’s amazing! This tiny little person draws such beautiful and intricate works of art, and it brings out an anticipation for her future in me, like a kid waiting for popcorn on movie night. What upsets me is when she believes the lies of doubt; when she, at four, already gives into thinking...

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Why You Should Avoid Suicide and Read this Blog Post

I am going to tell you why you should avoid the suicide, something none of your friends know you have thought about, but first I must completely humble myself today and share what I found in the disgustingness of my sink.   I’m not sure if any of the rest of you have an issue with this, but whoever owned our house prior (yes, I will blame them for the current grossness) did not properly caulk the sink.  This means that sometimes, stuff builds up.  Gross, black, crumbly stuff.   Because my counter is made to look like pretty...

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