Month: October 2017

Secrets to Healing, Restoration, and How Donuts and Netflix Can Help

  (Warning: Game of Thrones Spoiler! Because I’m a dork.  Also, because I care.) I used to feel the seasons more.   I plucked this line into my phone last weekend as I watched my kids pop their heads in and out of the pumpkin display at the apple orchard we visit every year.  Tallulah rejoices over every apple, gourd, candle, leaf, pumpkin, and paper turkey she lays her eyes on.  As she and her brother and sister were devouring their apple cider donuts and bouncing around, soaking in the fullness of the season, it hit me that I...

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What I’m all About

I am currently enrolled in a course that is designed to help us ole bloggers improve our content and become more intentional writers, and in so doing, grow our following. My assignment today was to write a blog post about the core of what River and Quill is about. I looked back at some of my old posts and, yes, I make it clear that this is a place for those with chronic disease to feel safe and encouraged. However, I’ve been wrestling with the purpose of my writing for a few days now, and it’s a bit more...

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I Am Not Sick

I ran into someone this week who asked me, “Are you sick?”  I explained to her what was going on with my health, and I honestly didn’t mind talking about it.  However, as I walked away from our conversation, I found myself with an unwelcomed feeling.  I was unsettled, but I couldn’t figure out why.  I write about my disease, and am probably more open about it than some appreciate, so why should it bother me to tell someone about it? After feeling sorry for myself for a good chunk of the afternoon, I realized what had been bothering...

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