Month: December 2017

A Toast to Imperfection and Gratitude

The New Year. This is the time we are supposed to reflect on the year past, considering all we lived well, and regenerating our mistakes into well thought out goals for next year.  Sometimes I think my goals are just a way to satisfy the cognitive dissonance between the person I wish I had been and the person I actually was. Didn’t follow your diet?  It’s ok.  Next year.  Didn’t read that book?  It’s ok.  Next year.  Relationships not quite what you wanted?  No problem; 2018 will solve every 2017 woe.  Except we know that’s not true.  We know...

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5 Stages of Grief Within Chronic Disease – The Finale

We made it. We’ve cruised through grief (more like bumped, and skidded, and shredded our way through, but still), and we’re at the final stage, which is acceptance.  Now, remember, these are purely my adulterations of Dr. Kubler-Ross’s stages of grief, conformed to the process of grief we go through within chronic disease.  Were I very motivated, I would go back to graduate school and research the heck out of this idea, but alas…three kids, done with school and not motivated, so I am simply sharing my theories on the concept of grief within chronic disease. Acceptance Many hear...

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