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How to Survive Parenting When You Have A Chronic Disease

Sometimes having a chronic disease is more than I can handle.  Sometimes being a parent is more than I can handle.  Sometimes doing both is like staying awake to watch a movie past ten o’clock in your thirties: impossible. I’m coming up on two years since IC (Interstitial Cystitis) started and I’ve been forced into a corner of self-awareness that had previously been empty and ignored. I learned that pain turned me into the mean mom at Walmart.  You know who I’m talking about.  Don’t pretend you’ve never judged her.  She’s the one screaming at her kids to shut...

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Why Creativity Requires Breakfast

Today I want to blubber about breakfast. I know it’s quite the detour from chronic illness support and my “youzhe“, but while eating breakfast in the Starbuck’s of our hotel in Nashville, as I glanced over and saw the disheveled family sitting near us, it dawned on me that breakfast holds some truth and maybe it deserves to be heard.  If not, I can easily delete this entire draft and start over, but for now, you’re going to be served some breakfast, over easy, toast on the side, lightly buttered. I just got back from an amazing vacation with my family and for the...

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The Truth About a Chronic Disease Flare

I’ve had a tough week inside my skull, a place I like to call my turtle shell.  It’s a place I retreat to, especially when things are not so spiffy, and sometimes I catch my thoughts ricocheting off of every wall. After several months of minimal, almost zero symptoms, last Thursday evening, my bladder decided she was being neglected, and therein began the worst flare I have had in months.  Still, there is no pain, which I should be so thankful for, but things are irritated and I can feel it, and I just really loved the months of...

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The Importance of Persistence

My husband and I have lived in our house for four and a half years and I am finally painting our bedroom. I hate painting.    I hate painting trim the most.  I hate priming the trim even more. I was considering my dark feelings toward the process and I came to the realization that it’s the repetition with very delayed rewards that drives my discontent.  If any of you have ever painted wood trim knows, it is a process!  And I skip half of what you are supposed to do.  What is sanding??? Anyway, it takes at least three...

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Our Pain is Real

It seems obvious, but half of the terrible things you go through as someone with a chronic disease are caused by other people. And that’s sad. Rather sad. Ruthlessly sad. One should not have to prove their pain, and yet, most of us with chronic disease have had to explain our pain to disbelieving ears.  It’s like everyone wants to believe we just have a tickle in our throat or a piece of toilet paper stuck to our shoe.  That or they think we’re making it up.  The latter is worse.  It means they think we’re doing it for...

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