You saw free, you got a little serotonin rush, and your finger did a little flingy thing over to this page didn’t it?  Well, it’s no joke.  I am giving away a free ebook.  The only thing I ask in return is that you subscribe to this website (link below).  I’ll send you the newest blog posts and any newsletters that I put together.  Many of the photos in the ebook are my own and come from my Instagram account, which I would also totally be thrilled, stoked, jazzed, whatever, if you walked with that finger over there and gave me a nice little follow.  While you’re at it, check out River and Quill on Facebook and Pinterest.

I would also love to give a huge shout-out to the talented Moriah Igleheart, who created all the amazing illustrations in this ebook. Her Instagram account, @foxholeforthree, is gorgeous and definitely worth a follow!

So what is this ebook all about then? It’s first aid.  It’s what you need to read when you’re out of strength, a mile out from shore. In six simple steps, I describe the things you need to do to keep yourself from drowning in your new diagnosis.

Of course, it’s quite possible these steps go beyond chronic disease and into all areas of darkness that come along with being human, but I wrote them specifically for those of you who have given up, or given in, to whatever lifelong depressing, dreary, bed-ridden sentence a doctor, or a “support” forum has given you.

Your life isn’t over.

It simply isn’t.  Even if your condition is terminal, your life is still not over.  There is beauty to be had.  There is light in front and inside of you.  There will still be joy.  It may be more difficult to find, but it’s there, and it shines brighter than it ever did before, because it’s standing in vibrant contrast to the darkness of your disease.  Don’t let disease win.  It’s your life. Take it back.

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Callie Dixon